Army of Angels Volunteer "Enlistment" (Registration)
Army of Angels was Founded by Kate Demory and Craig Russell in October of 2019.
Each and every one of us has a story. Our own journeys have made us into who we are today and has brought us all to this point in our lives; the point to where our stories and journeys intersect with those who need our help. We are here to wrap our wings around our youth in need to remind them that they are loved and never alone and halos burning bright leading the way.

The mission is simple:

Find youth who need help and give their stories a voice; then find those Angels who are willing and able to use their time, treasure, or talent, to help them.We focus on making it easy for those who both need help and want to help be involved. We believe our youth can persevere through adversity with the love and support of our Angels, so they can grow into independent, productive members of our communities.
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