2019 May Artist Lodge Vendor Application
Saturday, May 11th

Boys & Girls Club of Stanton
11050 Cedar Street
Stanton, CA 90680

- The Artist Lodge is a Pop-Up Artist Showcase presented by HumAlong Productions. Modeled after the Artist Alley at a Comic Book Convention, our goal is to give up-and-coming artists a friendly place to network and sell their work at a small venue before they move on to bigger conventions so that they can get a taste of what it’s like. We also like giving fans and art lovers who can’t afford to go to a convention an opportunity to meet some of the artists that they may follow online, or even to find someone entirely new to follow!
- The Artist Lodge is held a few times a year in Orange County. Besides the art vendors, the Artist Lodge also features a themed gallery curated by and comprised of local artists, food trucks, live music, raffles, cosplay/life drawing, a scavenger hunt, cosplayers, art workshops, and so much more!

- This application is ONLY for being CONSIDERED as a VENDOR at the Artist Lodge event. This is not the application for volunteering, joining the gallery, or curating a gallery.
- This application will act as your contract should you be chosen to vend at an event. We will send you a copy of this contract for you to refer to if you're chosen.
- Artist Lodge events are juried shows, and we reserve the right to deny acceptance to any person that we feel does not fit in with the Artist Lodge environment, is against our moral or ethical code, does not reach the standard of artwork we are accepting, or does not follow the below policies.
- ALL SHOWS ARE FAMILY FRIENDLY, meaning that artists may not bring work featuring graphic imagery or nudity. If you have artwork featuring these things that you would like to sell at an event, please contact Marissa Suto directly to discuss.

- Should the Artist Lodge decide that they would like to include you in a show, they will contact you via email at least 4-8 weeks in advance of the show. You may be contacted after this time frame if a confirmed artist drops out and a spot becomes available. Please make sure your email is one you check regularly; deadline exceptions will not be made for those that simply forget to check their mail.
- After we send you an acceptance email, you will need to create and post a flyer for the show on three different verifiable social media platforms and send us the links to the posts. If you are accepted into the show, social media post templates will be sent to you. You can use these to create your flyers. After you post, and send us the links, you will be sent instructions for payment. Payments will officially reserve your spot for the show.

- The Boys and Girls Club of Stanton – 11050 Cedar Street, Stanton, CA 90680
- The space is a smoke and vape free environment. If you wish to smoke at the event, we ask that you cross the street and do so in another location, at least 200 yards away from the building entrance and the vendors.
- Restrooms are available on site.
- A Food for Less and a McDonald’s are 5-minutes away by foot in case you need food.
- You MAY NOT touch or use the pool tables and other games that are located in the location lobby. You MAY NOT play with any of the items in the classroom unless you have direct permission from a Boys and Girls Club employee.
- This event will happen rain or shine, refunds will not be issued in the event of inclement weather unless there is a high risk of danger
- Electricity is available only to those that have wall booths. Please bring an extension cord and power strip if you have a wall spot and need electricity. Please bring a back-up battery pack for your phone just in case outlets aren’t available.
- Vendors will be allowed to set up in the gymnasium. We can fit anywhere between 20-50 vendors in any show depending on our floor plan and if we are accommodating another gallery, live music, or event in the same room.
- The venue does not have public WiFi. Please make sure that if you’re accepting credit cards, your phone can handle the transactions without WiFi, or that you bring your own hot spot for internet.
- We love this location and its management staff. We ask that you be mindful and respectful of the space and its owners so that we can continue having events at this venue

- Marissa Suto is the Coordinator and Creative Curator of the Artist Lodge events. She is your contact before, and at the event. She will likely be running around the event, and/or can be found at the HumAlong Productions booth if you need any information
- If you need to contact Marissa before the event, please do so by email: marissa@theartistlodge.com
- Vendors will receive Marissa’s phone number prior to any events they are participating in for use in emergencies

- We accept only original art and hand-crafted original works of art and merchandise. We do not accept applications from companies like Avon, Lularoe, Origami Owl, etc.
- Fan-art is allowed but must be in your own style. We have a zero-tolerance policy and will not accept work that is directly copied from another artist, or that is stolen from another artist. If we find that you have stolen from or directly copied another artist, we will ask you to pack and leave the event without a refund of your entry fee, and you will be blacklisted from any future Artist Lodge events.
- All Artist Lodge events are family-friendly shows. If you have any artwork or products that are not family friendly and are rated for ages 18+, you must keep them out of direct view, out of reach of children, and in a labeled box that only attendees of age can look through. However, please note that we DO NOT accept any art that is violently or explicitly graphic and sexual.

- Legally, you will need a permit to sell your work. The Artist Lodge will not be collecting your seller's permit number, but as an artist professionally selling their work, you will need to have at least a temporary seller's permit for the night of the event. Should you choose to move on from the Artist Lodge to bigger events like conventions or craft fairs, you will be required to have a permit and you will be required to provide your permit number on your applications.
- Please use Marissa Suto as your contact on the application: marissa@humalongprod.com. If you need more contact information such as a phone number or address, please contact Marissa to confirm the information.
- Legally, you need to charge sales tax and should have a resale license under which you record your sales tax. You can make your sales tax inclusive and combine it with the price of your merchandise, or you can add it on as a separate charge. We are not accountants or tax advisers and we recommend that you research this information online for yourself to secure the proper licensing and paperwork.

- $25 for an indoor 6x6' space (you provide your own table and linens, we will provide chairs)

* Please Note: The Artist Lodge will no longer be renting tables out to artists. We highly recommend that you invest in your own table. While most conventions will supply a table for you, most other small art fairs or pop-up events will not. Your table must be 6’ or smaller at its widest length. Folding tables are a one-time investment, and you can use them over and over again at events, and even in your every-day life. The two below are our recommendations for those concerned about space because the tables fold in half and have a carry handle.

We recommend one of the following tables:
6-foot: https://www.amazon.com/Office-Star-Multipurpose-Rectangle-Folding/dp/B0015TUXT8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1521393346&sr=8-4&keywords=folding+table
4-foot: https://www.amazon.com/Best-Choice-Products-Folding-Portable/dp/B00D491T2W/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1521393460&sr=8-4&keywords=folding+table+4ft

- All booth payments transactions will be completed through a Square Invoice that will be emailed to you.
- Payments are required in full within 5 business days of receiving an event acceptance email. If you do not pay your invoice within 5 business days your invoice will be canceled. If you would still like to participate in the show, a $5 late fee will be added to your invoice and you will have another 5 business days to pay your invoice. If you do not pay your invoice with the late fee, we will cancel your invoice and your acceptance to vend at the show will be rescinded.
- If you are scheduled to vend at a show and are a no-show, you will not receive a refund on your entry fee. We will also take note of your absence and you may not be considered for any future Artist Lodge events
- You can share a booth with up to one other person, but your entry fee must be sent as one payment. Please include all of your collaborator’s information (as well as your own) in the notes when you send in payment.
- A $10 table share fee will be added to your invoice in the event that you choose to share your table. You may share your table with up to ONE other artist.
* PLEASE NOTE: if you’re sharing, ALL members of your table must have submitted this application and been accepted to vend. Please contact Marissa directly to make sure everything is correctly situated and that everybody can participate. If you show up to the event intending to share a table with an artist that has not been approved, neither of you will be allowed to set up.

- Please confirm your schedule before committing to this show. You have 30 days from your application acceptance, or 60 days before the event to cancel and receive a refund, whichever comes first. (For example, if the show takes place on May 1st and you are accepted February 1st, you have until March 1st to cancel and receive a refund. But if the show takes place on May 1st and you are accepted April 1st, you will not qualify for a refund if you cancel.) You will receive your drop deadline in your acceptance email.

- Vendors will have a 6x6’ space to set up in. This includes their table space and any space behind them for displays. Please be respectful of your neighboring vendors and do not encroach on their space.
- Booths and spaces are assigned to you, and you will have an opportunity to choose up to five spots that you would like. There is no guarantee that you will get any of your selected spots, but we will do our best to accommodate your choices.
- Booth spaces can be set up however you'd like, and you can bring more than one table for your space if you'd like. All displays must remain in your assigned area and you can not encroach on your neighbor's spot
- Any items that are not being displayed must be kept under or hidden behind your table, or in your vehicle. We would like to keep this event fun but professional, and a messy booth area makes both the artist and The Artist Lodge look unorganized.
- Remember to stay close to your table, or bring someone to watch your set-up for you. The Artist Lodge is NOT responsible for any lost, broken, or stolen merchandise/possessions/money.
- We ask that vendors either leave their children at home, or have their children attend as a guest with another adult supervising them

- Vendors can begin setting up at 3pm and must be completely set up by 4:45pm
- Please DO NOT park directly in front of the Boys and Girls Club doors until you receive clearance from Marissa Suto. After checking in you may pull up to the curb to unload your vehicle. After unloading and BEFORE setting up, your vehicle MUST be moved to the parking garage across the street. We highly recommend that you bring a cart/wagon/dolly if you have a lot to unload. If you only have one load of supplies that can be carried by hand, please park in the garage and leave the unloading zone for those that need it. The parking garage across the street is free. We have this regulation so that there is room for everyone to pull in and unload.
- The Artist Lodge is not responsible for any towed, ticketed, or damaged vehicles.
- If you arrive the day of the show with a table or set-up that does not comply with the vendor guidelines, or you arrive late to set-up, you may be asked to adjust your set up, and/or may not be allowed to set up
- Please note that this venue can get VERY warm during load in. Please wear the proper clothing and bring water with you to stay hydrated. We also recommend that you bring portable or battery powered fans to use during set-up. Electricity will be available only to those that have wall spots. We will have fans running during load-in and throughout the event, but in order to keep costs down we do not run the AC during our events so we suggest you bring what you need to keep yourself cool.

- The Artist Lodge is scheduled to end at 9:30pm, no vendor may begin to break down their booth before then (unless otherwise coordinated with Marissa Suto or in the event of an emergency). Vendors that pack and leave before the event is over will not be invited back to future events
- At the end of the show, we ask that vendors stack their chairs and pull up all the tape on the floor that designated their booth space.
- Vendors must be completely packed up by 10:30pm
- Cars will be allowed to pull up for loading once your entire display is broken down, ready to pack, and not before 9:45pm to allow attendees to leave first

- We cannot guarantee sales. We can’t tell you what a person wants to see or what sells best. We can't tell you what to bring or make. We want to make these shows as unique and eclectic as we can, and while fan art is always going to be popular, we love it when our creators bring their own original works.
- We highly recommend that you bring a credit card reader, and enough cash to make change with customers. We find that the vendors that can take both cash and card instead of just cash are more likely to make sales. Because there is no WiFi at the location, we encourage attendees to bring cash, but we still recommend you be prepared to accept cards. There is not an ATM on site, so please bring enough cash to last you the duration of the event.

- We rely heavily on word-of-mouth and social media advertising to attract attendees to our events, and therefore we spend a lot of time advertising online and passing out flyers in person. We ask that you do the same. Our collective advertising literally makes or breaks these events. They aren’t coming to see us, they’re coming to see YOU. And they won’t know you’re there unless you advertise
- Please try and stick to a social media schedule. Posting once every week/every other week helps a lot. Post WIPs of the things you’re working on to let people know what you’re going to bring
- Please tag (NOT hashtag, we’re not notified of hashtags) us in all your posts. If we see that you’re tagging us in things, we will repost your flyers for you on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and wherever else we can to help promote you. However, if you’re not tagging us, we’re not seeing your posts and we can’t help you.
- Feel free to copy and paste the following hashtags: #art #artist #artists #artwork #artistalley #artistic #artistslodge #artistlodge #boysandgirlsclub #stanton #boysandgirlsclubstanton #orangecounty #orangecountyart #oc #ocart #artistsonig #artistsofig #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #supportlocal #shopsmall #supportlocalart #supportlocalartists #supportlocalbusiness #supportlocalbusinesses
- Besides social media, we also will advertise on OC Weekly, Eventbrite, and any other platforms we can find.
- The Artist Lodge will create our own Facebook Event page and send it out to the vendors. You can add the event to your page, and invite people to the Facebook Event. We ask that you DO NOT create your own Facebook Event by copying and pasting our information into a new event. The Facebook event allows us to sell tickets to the event and keep track of attendance, plus we put money into advertising on that platform. By creating a new event, you’re limiting the reach of our event.

- We have a raffle at every event. We ask that our vendors donate at least one item a show to contribute to the raffle. You are in no way required to do so, but it is recommended. It guarantees somebody going home with something of yours. Your donation can be anything as small as a button to a print to a tote bag to a free custom anything
- Be sure to include a business card or contact information attached or in each thing you donate.
- Along with your donations, we also raffle off two monetary prizes, requiring the winners to spend their earnings at one of the vendors at the show. These will be in the form of a coupon that can only be used at the event. All artists will participate in this part of the raffle, and if you’re approached by a winner with the coupon, please use it to make a sale. You can then come to The Artist Lodge table and we will give you the cash value of the coupon. Please return the coupon to The Artist Lodge table after the sale has been made. We use a coupon so that the raffle winners do not pocket the cash and just leave. You must return the coupon the night of the event otherwise you will not be reimbursed the cash value of the coupon.

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Go to our website: www.theartistlodge.com

The Artist does hereby agree to the terms set forth above by submitting this form.
This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of California in Orange County and any applicable Federal Law.

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I understand that this application will become my signed contract in the event that I am selected to be a vendor for this event, and that I will be held to the agreed up regulations within this contract. *
I understand that all Artist Lodge events are family friendly and I do not intend to sell any artwork with gratuitous nudity, violence, or graphic imagery. *
The email above is one that I check regularly. *
I understand that if I am accepted to vend at this event, I will have 5 business days after I receive my acceptance email to create and post my flyers, and make my payment to secure my booth space. *
I understand that this venue is a smoke-free environment and I will not smoke or vape within 200 yards of the building. *
I understand that I am not allowed to touch or use the pool tables, games, books, or other items in the venue lobby or classrooms. *
I understand that this event will happen rain or shine. *
I understand that this venue does not have WiFi and that electricity is available only to those that have wall spots. *
I will only be selling original art and/or hand crafted original works of art and merchandise. I have created everything that I am selling. All fan-art that I sell is in my own style, and will not be selling work that is stolen. I understand that The Artist Lodge has a zero-tolerance policy and that I will be blacklisted if I am found to be selling any stolen or copied artwork. *
I understand that I legally need a seller's permit to sell my work, and that I will be charging sales tax at the event (whether it is lumped into the price of the object or charged additionally). I understand that I am responsible for researching and gaining the proper paperwork and licensing that I need in order to be a vendor. *
I agree to pay the $25 booth fee, and I understand that I will be supplying my own table(s) and linens. *
I understand the vendor cancellation and no-show policies. *
I understand the booth regulations, and I agree to follow them. *
I understand that The Artist Lodge is not responsible for any lost, broken, or stolen merchandise/possessions/money. *
I understand the Event Set-Up and Break-Down regulations. *
I understand that The Artist Lodge is not responsible for any towed, ticketed, or damaged vehicles. *
I understand that if I arrive the day of the show with a table or set-up that does not comply with the vendor guidelines, or I arrive late to set-up, I may not be allowed to vend and I will not receive a refund of my fee. *
I understand that I need to stack my chairs and pull-up and throw away any tape on the ground after I break-down. *
I understand that in the event I am selected as a vendor, I will be responsible for promoting the event and I will post regularly on social media to do so. *
I would like to donate something for the raffle. *
I agree to participate in the Artist Lodge "gift card" raffle prize, and that I must return the gift card to the Artist Lodge table the night of the event in order to be reimbursed for the sales I made towards the gift card. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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