Leading By Example Webinar Registration G. WESLEY BUGG, ESQ., LLM Reaching Our Brothers Everywhere (R.O.B.E)

NAPPLSC is proud to announce our webinar debut! NAPPLSC members will have access to webinars throughout the year. The theme is entitled “Lead by Example”, inspired by the Michelle Obama’s quote from her final public address as First Lady of the United States. She said:
“Be focused. Be determined. Be Hopeful. Be empowered… Lead by example with hope.”

Reaching Our Brothers Everywhere (R.O.B.E)
Presenter: G. WESLEY BUGG, ESQ., LLM
Date: 12 June 2019

Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST USA

Wesley is doing great work with both ROSE and ROBE, a program of ROSE dedicated to educating, equipping and empowering men on a national scale to positively impact African-American breastfeeding rates and infant mortality. Based in Decatur, Georgia, ROBE also operates in Mississippi, Florida, Ohio, Texas, and California. They coordinate fatherhood forums and conference presentations; connect with national projects and programs to share resources; and work with Healthy Start male initiatives in several states.

“Our goal is to promote health equity,” Wesley says. “It is vital that communities have the needed resources, information and support to make informed choices on infant feeding. We know that our communities are ‘resource deprived’ due to many reasons including systemic racism. African-American men have not been included in the gathering and dissemination of breastfeeding and safe sleep knowledge, and therefore, pregnant women and babies of color are disproportionately ill and dying. We plan to rectify that disparity.”

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