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M.O.R.S.L. WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITY - In consideration of M.O.R.S.L. allowing me to be a participant in the activities of M.O.R.S.L., I hereby release and forever discharge the league and its Executive Council Members of and from all claims, demands, damages, actions, or causes of action arising or to arise by reason of my participation in any activities in any way related to M.O.R.S.L. and from all claims or demands whatsoever in law or equity which I, my heirs, executors, administrators or assigns can, shall, or have against the Markham Ontario Recreational Slo-pitch League and its Executive Council Members. *
I also agree to the following:a) to observe and abide by all rules and regulations of the league as defined in the Constitution.b) to respect and observe any League sanctions that could arise as a result of a violation on my part of any aforementioned League rules. I agree to have contact information published in handbook. *
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