Fearless Fest Teacher Application
Fearless Fest 2019
Feb 29 & Mar 1, 2020
hosted by The Fearless Om
in Practice Works Birmingham, Alabama

A Community Vibration featuring 18+ classes, including yoga, meditation, discussion, creative arts, plus vendors and more led by bold, bright and compassionate teachers!

Fearless Fest is a a two-day wellness festival. The classes are centered on the pillars of self-care, self-study and community. Pass offerings have met these messages through many formats, including:
-panel discussions
-dual teaching
-interactive lecture/discussion

Be creative. Be authentic. Be specific.

Please complete by October 6, 2019.
Teachers will be selected and notified by October 31, 2019.
Teachers will be compensated. Details will be sent out closer to the event.
Email any questions to thefearlessom@gmail.com
Please share a thorough, specific, description of the class you would like to teach at Fearless Fest (75 minutes). Think outside the box to embody the physical, spiritual and artful expressions of yoga. See examples from last year below. *
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EXAMPLE: Release and Relax Fear with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation: A dynamic and energetic class for all levels that will dissolve stress and fear vibration in the body. We will also discuss how we can feel fear arising in the body, the ways that fear helps us to create positive change, and practice a meditation to help us feel deep peace and relaxation.
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EXAMPLE: Feng Shui & Laws of Attraction: How Your Emotions and Your Physical Space Affect Your World: Learn how to shift the physical to affect the emotional...and vice versa. This workshop explains Feng Shui and its importance as well as Law of Attraction and the notion of the "emotional guidance system" as taught by Abraham-Hicks. You will receive specific take-home tips and processes in both LOA and Feng Shui to help you gain a deeper understanding of your own life and how to have more of a “command" over your life experiences. Please bring a journal, this class is discussion based.
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Please indicate your teaching availability for Fearless Fest 2020 (Feb 29 -March 1)
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