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Thank you for your interest in SoundBio Lab! Below we have a few questions about how you plan to use our space. This form is required and must be completed before all new Research Projects are approved. Please remember we are a BSL Level 1 facility. Thank you for helping us make the lab a safe environment for the SoundBio Community!
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Please write a short project summary. Note which experiments will be performed at SoundBio Lab. Please keep to a few sentences. You can elaborate further below if necessary.
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Please list all live organisms & strains you plan to use in your experiments, including ones mentioned in your project summary. ID risk group of each live organism as needed.
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What chemical & reagents will you use?
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Please list your key equipment needs. Include items like centrifuge(s), laminar flow hood, -80 freezer, refrigerator, shaking incubator, etc.
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Please note below any specific plans for disposal of used chemicals, reagents, or organic waste if necessary. If you are unsure or need assistance with this, we are available to discuss this with you.
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How many people will be working on this project and do you have any plans in place for their training?
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If there are any additional notes, concerns, or elements to your project, please share those with us below.
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You may include a longer description of your project or experiments below if you wish. You may use as many paragraphs or pages as necessary.
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