2019 Garden Plot Application
The completion of this form reserves the plot(s) listed below for the organization/individual for the duration of the 2019 calendar year. As part of the terms of this document the organization/individual is responsible for the maintenance and harvest of the plot(s) listed. The Garden Board holds the right to revoke the organization's/individual's reservation to the plot if the requirements as listed by the terms and conditions of this contract are not being met.
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By filling out the information below you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:
1. I understand that by providing my information below I am responsible for the plot(s) listed, and I will ensure that they are being tended to for the duration of the 2019 calendar year (except for the Summer season when plots will be covered to prevent overgrowth due to maintenance difficulties). I also understand that I am able to assign someone from my organization to tend and care to the plot(s) listed.

2. I understand that I or a member of my organization will attend The Garden's Orientation on (date and time TBA). If I or someone from my organization is unable to attend the orientation, I will contact either Sierra Barkdoll (sierrab1@umbc.edu) or Dakota Blum (dablum1@umbc.edu).

3. I understand that The Garden Board will be checking on plots at least every 2-3 weeks and if I am not maintaining my plot, they will be sending me a warning email. If the maintenance of the plots becomes a consistent problem, The Garden Board is able to revoke my reservation to the plot.

4. I understand my reservation to the plot(s) listed below can be revoked at the discretion of The Garden Board if the terms and conditions of this contract are not being met. The Garden Board also reserves the right to limit future plot agreements.
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See which plots are available and select plot(s): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nAr68Uas6XiU9uGX-dvP3um41uKiW3cVs4N5ekB7teY/edit?usp=sharing YOU NEED TO FILL OUT THE GOOGLE SHEET AS WELL!!
Chosen Plot(s) **Please include number and letter as seen via link below** (Max of 2 plots per person/organization). MAKE SURE YOU ALSO FILL OUT THE GOOGLE SHEET IN THE LINK ABOVE!! *
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