Vegetable order form : Dandelion Spring winter delivery
How does this work? Fill out the form below to request your food. Please bring cash or check for payment. I'll have the CSA debit card box for those of you who are members. If you don't pick-up your share you will be charged - respect for produce and the farmer!

You can fill out the sheet as many times as you'd like. I've added an "other" option to most products if you'd like to order a larger quantity. All orders are subject to change based on availability.
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Pick up at the farm and in Portland every week. We'll be at the Rockland Market starting May 11th.

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For Wednesday delivery your must order prior to Tuesday morning at 7am. For Saturday delivery you must order prior to Thursday at 7am. Unless noted, your delivery will always be packed the immeidate Wed. or Sat. following your order.
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Pay it forward! You will then be able to pick up your produce at the farm or farmers' markets (or through this format during the winter months), as you'd like. Pick out the produce that excites you, during the weeks you know you'd want to eat it! Starting in the Spring, we set up a stand at the farm each Wednesday, we'll be in Rockland on Thursdays, and Portland on Saturday. Feel free to add your own multiple of $100.
Availability dependent upon weather. All of our greens come from unheated greenhouses, and it needs to be above freezing for us to harvest quality greens!
greens: salad style
Tiny greens packed with flavor. Great for snacking, adding to soups, salads, or sandwiches, or topping any of your favorite meals. A tad spicy!
Scallions & Green Garlic
Our winter harvest method has us cutting off the plants at the top of the roots. They look a little different than your norm, but you still get as much usable parts as the plant offers and the flavor is fantastic!
Fresh Herb Bunches
Rooty Root Root
Roots! (spring dug parsnips added!)
All 2#'s unless noted. Please make a note in the Other section if you'd like multiple of any of the bags.
Radishes - Winter & Spring
We prefer these raw, grated or sliced thin. They can be cooked. They are also wonderful fermented. We are at the bottom of the winter supply. Funny ones left!
Dandy Pickles : dandelion greens, balsamic, Indian spices.
Pork Buttah'
Rendered lard. Lots of vitamin D. Professionally shelf life tested for 8 months in the fridge, or you can put it in the freezer.
The Daily Kitchen
not certified organic
Ashwagandha Honey
We've infused honey with ashwagandha root. Ashwagandha is a plant that has properties that are good both for helping to create a steady energy flow and also overall body energy strengthening. (1/2 pint jar, $18 )
Salves (1 oz container)
Allergy Support
Bundle of Hyssop, Thyme, and Ashwagandha tincture, $25
Spring Digestive Support
As we transition from winter energy and foods to spring time growth, our body often would like a little help with the shift. Bundle of Burdock, Fennel, and Milky Oat tinctures, $25
Stellaria Tonic
We've infused a very strong pressing of stellaria juice with turmeric and ginger roots, honey and vinegar and let them age before straining. Think of this strong concentrate like a shrub or a sipping vinegar. It is wonderful added to seltzer or straight water. It is power packed with vitamins and great the digestive system. 4oz bottles, $12 ( -- limited supply -- selling out fast at early farmers' markets)
Surya Tea & Straight Tulsi
This is a loose leaf blend of our own herbs : Anise Hyssop, Lemongrass, Tulsi Basil, Milky Oats, and Caldenula
Herbal Tinctures
preventative health care, and support when the system needs it, of the best kind. Beth would be happy to speak with you about individual uses of each plant.
Tincture Options (1 oz bottles for $10)
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