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Working abroad could bring the most fruitful and life changing experience for you as a Sri Lankan. Have you ever wanted to build an international career overseas or wanted a more professional work atmosphere through international work exposure? Then, this is the right platform for you. We help you with great job opportunities to enhance your career dynamically through our trusted recruitment agency to provide placements at reputed organisations.

We help you to set foot on a new job and help you out with all the visa procedures and job permits at no cost at all. It is all absolutely free!! Our close network with potential employers helps us to direct your CV’s to match your skills and experience with the available job profiles and help you to land on a suitable job.

We offer you with the expertise and support to start your overseas career with confidence. Whatever field you might want to choose to be employed in, we could direct you to potential employers who would match your profile with the existing job vacancies to provide you with the best possible options.

We have helped many Sri Lankans to achieve their dream jobs to suit their qualifications and are currently serving overseas as happy employees. Our large network of employer’s pool in job vacancies helping us to provide numerous jobs for the same job role making us a popular choice for foreign job hunters. Our goal is to help our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters to find a suitable job which would enhance their living standards and lifestyle. This is solely done as a social cause and is a non profit organisation.


We help you in connecting with potential recruiters and employers for absolutely no service fee. Our mission is to connect you with the right recruitment agency and employers who would be able to provide you with suitable jobs which would make your foreign job a reality. The potential recruiters are present in Sri Lanka and you could meet them directly to collect information about the job role as well as the way of life and other doubts you might have in mind.
Once you hand over your CV with your contact details to us, we would forward them to our potential recruiters who would get back to you directly if they find a suitable match according to the job profile in hand. This way, there are no third parties involved in making money out of the job recruitment process and you would be directly called in for the interviews. If you are selected from the interview, the necessary visa processing and other official requirements would be carried out by the employer himself and you would bag the job as well as the work permit at no cost at all. Our intension is to provide a safe and reliable job venture for you , helping you to travel to greener pastures to build your career.


Scams and Frauds pertaining to recruitment is high in Sri Lanka and Be Aware of fake recruitment agencies/ sub agents and employers. One might promise you with a great job opportunity in return for monetary favours. These are organised scams which operate to take advantage of innocent job hunters who are lured into these traps as poor victims.
We advice you AGAINST handing over any money or original documents to such recruiters who may disappear with the money and not provide the job too or provide you with a job which might land you in further trouble when overseas.

Precautions need to be taken to do a background check of the organisation and one needs to be more vigilant in the job hunting process to deter such attempts on you. Such kind of bogus recruitment agencies operate without licence and have deceptive practices making you their prey. Recommendations from friends and the reputation of a company is important in judging their credibility and we strictly instruct you to follow the Sri Lankan government rules and regulations which would safeguard you from such crooks.

As a non profit organisation working with a genuine intension to help Sri Lankans, we do not charge any job processing fee and strictly advice you to be very cautious of notorious scams which would take away your money leaving you helpless.

Job recruitment must only happen through a credible job agency or reputed employers which would guarantee you of a secure job opportunity, least it would drag you into unnecessary trouble.


If you were wondering who we are exactly and the role played by us to help you attain your foreign job? Then the answer is, we are a non–profit career web portal designed to help our fellow Sri Lankans to pursue overseas employment. We connect you with reliable recruitment agencies which offer jobs and work visa absolutely free. We do not get involved directly with any part of the recruitment process but assist you in creating the right platform linking the key employers with potential job candidates. Rest is in your hands to prove your success through the employer interviews and if they do see your potential as a good candidate you would be hired and all the paperwork done following the selection process.

Our web portal would be of help to many Sri Lankans who are eagerly looking for employment overseas and wanting to gain international exposure while looking to earn and save some money for future investments.

This web portal has been created with the idea of providing a non profit social service to many who have doubts pertaining to foreign employment and to help people find job placements securely without being victims of scams.

We look forward for your support to spread awareness about this web portal and help Sri Lankans in their venture of foreign employment. Your contribution in helping spread the word about our web portal is greatly appreciated so that we could reach out to many Sri Lankans as possible.

Best Regards

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