SMSA's Financial Aid Assistance Form
South Middleton Soccer Association (SMSA) offers a limited number of partial and full financial aid awards each year based on financial need. Due to demand and limited club resources, no one is guaranteed financial aid assistance from one season to the next.

A player’s selection to his/her team will be handled independently of their financial aid request. Financial aid applications will be reviewed and awarded by SMSA's Executive Board.

A player’s lack of participation in financial aid funded team activities and/or failure to abide by Code of Conduct rules
by player and/or parents could result in future ineligibility for financial assistance.

Financial Aid is not awarded in the form of cash. They are awarded in the form of waived registration fees or credit towards uniform kits. When handing out financial aid to our players', we do have the expectation that an effort will be made to "give it forward" in the form of volunteerism to the SMSA club.

In the case that a player has difficulty participating in tournaments and other team training, the program coordinator or team manager may apply to the club’s board for assistance to meet the player’s portion of team expenses.
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