Zendesk Early Access Program - Discord Integration
Welcome to the Early Access Program (EAP) registration form for the Zendesk <> Discord integration!
What's this all about?
This integration allows you to install a "Support Bot" into your Discord server that allows gamers to request help directly via any Discord channel in your server. This creates a ticket in Zendesk, so your agents can easily respond. To request access, please fill out the form below.
Need more detail on how it works?
The integration is easy to install by your Discord server admin. Once installed, gamers can type "/support <message here>" into any channel of the Discord server to create a DM with your customer support agents. Agents reply in Zendesk, and the replies go directly to the customer's Discord DM.

All tickets are tagged "created-from-discord", so building Views or Reporting around these tickets is easy.

Concerned about Spam? We've included two features: rate limiting and roles-based permissions for ticket creation from Discord:
* Rate Limiting = the max number of tickets a given user can submit in a 24 hour period. This can be turned on/off, and the limit can be changed to any number you choose.
* Roles based permissions = the ability to allow only certain roles, i.e. "Moderator", to create tickets.
Is this available to everyone?
This is available to customers on the Zendesk Support Team plan and higher. This means it is not available on the Essentials plan.
This being an Early Access Program, are there limitations with the product?
This integration supports the basic use case of submitting tickets via Discord and replying via Zendesk, so we would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve or what else you would like to see.

Also, please note that this EAP sends a limited amount of data to a third party, Presence Group. Please see Section 1 of the Beta Agreement (on page 3 of this form) for more details.
What is expected of me?
There are a few things we ask:

1. Provide feedback on the integration, ease of use, and documentation (use the EAP forum on the Zendesk help center)
2. Report any bugs
3. Be open to working very closely with us to help make this integration better
Ready to take part?
All you have to do is fill in some information and you're ready to go!
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