USLANTCOM Application
Thank you for your interest in joining USLANTCOM. Please fill out the application below. Our staff will review your application and if accepted you will receive and email invitation with additional instructions on how to join.

Please note that applications received outside of our advertised recruitment periods will be retained for the next recruitment cycle.

■ Be 18 years of age or older
All pilot applicants should be able to perform the following tasks prior to joining USLANTCOM
■ Be able to Cold and Dark start their airframe
■ Be able Taxi and Take off (Fixed Wing) or Hover, Hover Taxi and depart (Rotary Wing)
■ Be able to navigate to the Tanker and top off in a reasonable amount of time (fixed wing) or Navigate a prebuilt flight plan (Rotary Wing)
■ Be able to return to and land at an airfield following appropriate airfield procedures.

USLANTCOM flight times are usually around 2100 EST and can last from 2-3 hours in length. Wing missions are held on Saturdays at 2100 EST and last approximately 3 hours.
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I can perform the following prerequisites: *
If you are unable to perform any of the above, please explain below:
Desired Callsign. If you wish to earn your callsign, please leave this blank.
What country do you live in? *
Were you referred by a USLANTCOM member? *
If yes, please provide the USLANTCOM members name and or Callsign.
Please tell us about yourself. This should include things like what got you into aviation, your sim experience, times you are available to fly, special talents or anything you think may be relevant to this application. *
Required module list for USLANTCOM
Note: *Some modules are branch-specific and are noted below.

■ Persian Gulf
■ Syria

Navy Only*
■ F/A-18C or F-14B (whichever is your primary airframe)
■ Super Carrier

Air Force Only*
■ F-16C

Army Only*
■ UH-1
■ AH-64D

I understand that I am required to purchase the applicable modules listed above within 30 days of membership. *
Please select the airframe you wish to fly. Please note, there is a 6 month minimum commitment to your airframe before you are allowed to transfer to another airframe type. *
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