TEDxFayetteville 2018 Volunteer Form
We are looking for dedicated volunteers to be involved in the planning and execution of a TEDx event in November 2018. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Update: All the planning committee volunteer positions have been filled. We are still looking for volunteers to work under some committee roles or to assist our series of promotional events.

Volunteer Expectations
To participate on the planning committee, we expect volunteers to be willing to attend a monthly meeting, and possibly a weekly meeting in the month leading up to the event if needed.

We also expect that volunteers will complete their work outside of these regular meetings so that the time can be used for updates, questions, and feedback.

Volunteers are expected to be willing to ask for help when needed, to know when and how to delegate tasks to others, and to support other members of the planning committee when possible. Planning committee members have the opportunity to lead their own committee if they so need; in such case, members would be expected to be able to adequately manage and recruit their committee.

Planning committee members will need to be well versed in the TEDx rules related to their area of responsibility if selected for that position to ensure sustainability of our event and not compromise our opportunity to host future events.

While we aren't at an official TED event, the TED Code of Conduct for attending events covers things quite nicely. Volunteers agree to adhere to this general code of conduct: https://www.ted.com/attend/conferences/registration-policies/code-of-conduct

Planning Committee Volunteer Positions
-Co-responsible for the selection and development of mainstage speakers for the event
-Will take care of logistics regarding scheduling meetings with speakers, attaining necessary documents/items from speakers, and follow ups

Executive Producer
-Responsible for the physical elements of the mainstage (venue, stage design, etc.)
-Run day of production elements such as videoing, slides, audio needs, etc.

Sponsorship and Budget Manager
-Raising money to cover the event expenses through sponsorship/partner engagement
-Managing the budget of the event

Event Manager
-Day-of logistics coordinator
-Main contact for various vendors needed day of
-Responsible for ticketing and registration

Volunteer Coordinator
-Recruitment of volunteers as needed/requested throughout the process
-Ensure information is disseminated in an effective manner to support the success of our volunteers
-Responsible for volunteer appreciation

Director of Engagement
-Create a "TEDx Experience" for guests and find opportunities to engage with audience
-Develop creative strategies for increasing engagement with stakeholders (attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, viewers, etc.)

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Volunteer Questionnaire
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