Forever United
Cambridge United Community Trust are continuing to support our participants throughout this difficult time.

Our aim is to connect people and create closer communities through a mixture of ways, including catch-up calls, virtual afternoon teas, online matchday chats & socially distanced 'garden gate' visits!

If you would like to join 'Forever United', then please fill in the form below.

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Cambridge United Community Trust
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We are offering several services throughout the rest of 2020. Please tick any that you would like to receive further information about.
Data Collection
In order for us to qualify for the funding that we need to run 'Forever United', we are required to collect certain data. All information will be kept confidential and shared anonymously with our funders, DCMS and the EFL Trust, for research and evaluation purposes.
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CONSENT - I consent to the following organisations - Cambridge United Community Trust, EFL Trust, DCMS and a DCMS Appointed Independent Evaluator - using my information for the purpose of evidencing the level of participation on the programme, to draw down and continue programme funding, and to explore whether the programme is achieving its intended outcomes. *
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