Ghoulcraft Town Warp Request Form
********** RULES FOR TOWN WARPS **********

📌Towns can be themed or not, be public or private, and MUST always abide by the server rules. Towns that are found breaking the rules Will Be Disbanded With NO Refund!

📌Town warps are NON-TRANSFERABLE, meaning they can NOT be given to another player. They also will not be refunded OR removed once people have moved into the town and are living there, no matter how long they've been inactive! However, the warp can be relocated WITHING the same town. It is the owner's duty to move the building/rule board to the new location. Staff WILL NOT relocate a whole building/site/rule board.

📌Warps require the following before being set up:
           1️⃣A town rules board **
           2️⃣The town must be properly lit to protect from mobs.
               🚩Claimflags are useful in helping to prevent monsters from spawning within the claim but will not stop
                    them from simply walking into the town from unlit areas if the town does not have a wall surrounding
                    it for protection against wandering monsters
           3️⃣Zoned/Indicated plots for player housing, or pre-built houses for players to purchase/choose with
                    subdivision markers.
           4️⃣Pre-Built roads/pathways
           5️⃣$20,000 to pay for the warp (Due at time of warp creation)
           6️⃣The entire town MUST be covered by the town owner's claim protections.
              💔This is to prevent town griefing.

           1️⃣Owner's full IGN & their Discord ID (when applicable)
                 ⏩This allows potential and current can contact them for information, requests for a home, etc.
           2️⃣Info regarding building theme, cost, etc. (if applicable)
           3️⃣Rules pertaining to farms, public/community buildings, etc. (if applicable)
           4️⃣Rules about mining beneath\terraforming the surface\building in the sky within their subdivided claim.
           5️⃣Rules about player inactivity (if applicable)
                 ⏩If a player becomes inactive after a certain time (owner's reasonable discretion) without contacting
                      the owner, their personal items will be collected and saved for them upon their return so that the
                      house can be resold\transferred\given to someone else who's active.
                 ⏩If a player becomes inactive, that doesn't not give the owner the right to confiscate their things.
                           🚫That constitutes as theft, which is griefing, and against the rules.
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Properly Lit to Protect from Mobs? *
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