Show Your Organization's Commitment to Culture Change on Abortion
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The Culture Change Strategy Group ( is made of 28 creative leaders committed to creating culture change around abortion. We are advocates, researchers, media makers, artists, health professionals, pastors, communicators, policy experts, activists, and more.

Now we’re inviting your organization to join in publicly stating our commitment creating culture change around abortion!

Together, we’re working for a future where:

1. Abortion is understood as a basic human right, an essential part of healthcare, and a normal
part of life.
2. Everyone can access safe and affordable abortion regardless of age, class, race, gender
identity, ability, geography, immigration status, and insurance status.
3. Providers and people who have abortions are supported and respected and do not fear or
experience judgment, stigma, discrimination, violence, or criminalization.
4. All people can talk openly about abortion with sensitivity to the complexity and nuances of
individual experiences.
5. Every person is able to make personal decisions about abortion based upon their own beliefs
and values.
6. Media supports the dignity and diversity of individual reproductive decisions and decision-
makers. Media truthfully and authentically represents abortion and refrains from
sensationalizing the experience.


Organizations can show their commitment by:
- Adding culture change to your organizational priorities.
- Adopting one (or more) of the Culture Change Strategy Group’s strategies
- Piloting culture change activities and programs and sharing the results.
- Inspiring your team and supporters to work for a world without abortion stigma.
- Aligning and collaborating with other organizations who are committed to this vision.
- Sharing this vision on your website or social media.

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