FHHS Parking Application
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Driver's License State
Examples: Camaro, Caravan, Explorer, F250, Fusion, Sierra, Ram, etc.
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Registered Owner
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Parking Fees
Please make checks payable to: FHHS. (All checks must include a phone number and the check writer's drivers license number or social security number.)
Parking Rules
All permits are granted at the discretion of school administration.
Missouri Law requires proof of Liability Insurance to operate a motor vehicle.
Proof of insurance and the student's driver’s license must be presented with this application.
All fines must be paid before a permit will be issued.
Upon applying for a permit all students are required to enroll in the random drug testing program.
The school assumes no liability for theft, damages, or accidents occurring on school property.
Parking is at the owners’ risk.
Francis Howell reserves the right to enter and inspect the interior of a vehicle without consent.
Permits are connected to school citizenship.
See the Parking Information & Regulations sheet for additional rules.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd parking violations = $10.00 fine per violation.
4th parking violation and above = $20.00 fine per violation plus disciplinary action.
Parking in a faculty, visitor or handicapped space = $30.00 fine per violation.
Students who continue to park illegally on the FHHS campus will sign a tow letter, may have their vehicle towed at the owner’s expense, in addition to fines and disciplinary action.
Students NOT displaying their permit on the rear view mirror, visible to security, will be issued a parking fine.

Additional Information:
If you receive a Parking Violation on your vehicle, you have received a fine.
Students who wish to dispute a ticket must do so within 48 hours.
When a permit is reissued a replacement fee of $10 will be assessed.
Parking permits are non-transferable and non-refundable for any reason.

Student Parking Locations
Students are required to watch the attached video before receiving a parking permit.
Student Watched Parking Video
Student Initials
By adding your initials into the text box you acknowledge that you have watched the parking video, read and understand all of the parking rules, regulations and consequences. To purchase a permit, bring your drivers license, proof of insurance, and form of payment (Checks must have the check writer's driver's license # or SS # written on the check). If you have not signed the drug testing consent from please have it with you.
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Parent Initials
By adding your initials into the text box you acknowledge that you have watched the Parking Video, read and understand all of the parking rules, regulations and consequences. You also acknowledge that your child has read and understands all of the parking rules, regulations and consequences.
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Required to Purchase Permit
After completing the application bring your driver's license, proof of vehicle insurance and form of payment to the Parking Office, A111, (located between the Commons & Large Gym).
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