Zero Energy Ready Oregon (ZERO) Call to Action
In joining this Call to Action, I/we support the Zero Energy Ready Oregon (ZERO) Coalition's work to create the market conditions and regulatory framework for every newly constructed or significantly renovated building in Oregon to be built to zero energy or zero energy ready standards. Driving down energy use in the built environment is the most cost-effective and immediately available strategy for lowering greenhouse gas emissions. ZERO Coalition partners include nonprofit, local government, and industry allies that are committed to putting all buildings in Oregon on the path to zero energy in a manner that benefits all Oregonians including low-income residents.

As a collective group of businesses and organizations, the ZERO Coalition works with a wide array of stakeholders and recognizes the benefit of collaboration to achieve greater impact. Working together the ZERO Coalition is spearheading actions to achieve its mission of putting building construction on the path to zero net energy use.

ZERO Coalition partners and other supporters of zero energy ready performance for residential and commercial buildings are signing this shared Call to Action to demonstrate our commitment to do the following:

1. Support the implementation of Governor Kate Brown's Executive Order 17-20 to put Oregon on a path to zero energy;
2. Raise awareness about the benefits and opportunities offered by zero energy buildings;
3. Develop a clear roadmap for the adoption of zero energy standards in Oregon; and
4. Ensure planning for a zero energy future considers the impacts on all Oregonians including low-income residents and Oregon businesses.

For more information and complete list of ZERO Coalition partners, visit

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