Interest in the Active Transportation Project (as volunteer)
If you are interested in possibly volunteering on the project, please answer these questions and then email me your resume and I'll get back in touch shortly. - Prof. Stephen Intille
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Have you taken any courses at NU you think are especially relevant to this project, or working on research more generally? If so, list them and the grades you received. *
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Please list your major commitments this semester (e.g., job, coop, sports, etc.) *
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Being realistic about your schedule in the current semester, how much time per week are you able to volunteer on a research project? *
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Please list your plans for the next semester or summer (including courses you plan to take, job(s) you expect to have, or any other commitments). *
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Keeping all the commitments you listed above for the next semester/summer in mind, how many hours per week could you realistically devote to working on a research project? *
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Indicate your level of experience with each of these technologies *
(Note: Not all possible projects require programming experience, but some do.)
Android development
iOS development
User interface design methodologies
Game design
Virtual reality development
Traffic simulation software (microsimulation)
Traffic simulation software (macrosimulation)
Any programming with mapping software or trip trajectories
Designing electronics (using sensors and circuits for small electronic gadgets)
How much and why do you bike now, if at all? *
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What do you think is the biggest challenge that has to be solved to get more people to ride their bicycles to and from work? *
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Indicate your level of experience with each of the biking technologies *
Bike repair (what someone in a bike shop could do: shifter adjustment, wheel replacement, etc.)
Bike trainers
"Smart" bike trainers
Other virtual training software
Recording virtual rides for training
Biking video games
There are many ways you could get involved in this project as a volunteer. How appealing does each of these sound to you? *
Help design and setup a biking simulator using a smart trainer and three displays
Help create virtual Boston-area rides (for the simulator) using consumer software and doing our own video/GPS recordings
Help find and revise Unity code and vehicle/street models for the simulator
Help design (and maybe code) mobile apps that encourage active cycling (to be tested on the simulator)
Help write some traffic simulations using open-source traffic simulator software
Help with library research to support new ideas to encourage active transportation
Help recruit and gather data from participants to test ideas in experiments
Help create compelling concept images/videos that help to get the idea across to policy makers
Help create prototypes of new digital wireless technologies that could support active transportation
Help develop a comprehensive website that explains a new idea using technology to encourage active transportation
Something else you think would be important related to increasing active transportation
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What is it that you most want to get out of volunteering on a research project? *
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