Immersion Scholarship Application 2017
There is substantial overhead per person for this program and our scholarship fund is considerably under funded, therefore we do not offer full scholarships, but we do offer need-based partial Seva scholarships to a limited number of students and hold to the ideal that no student is turned away for lack of funds. If you truly cannot afford this program, apply for a scholarship with this form.

We will not review this application without your Immersion Application already being turned in, so please submit that within 24 hours of this.

This is not free money. Because students are consistently more involved in the program when they pay full price or are actively contributing to the community, most scholarship recipients will be interviewed to determine a fit for skills to contributing to TRU as an act of service. Details are negotiated with the Administrative Manager to find the best fit for the student based on community needs, either locally in the Denver area, Bay Area, on the immersion retreat, or as an online contributor.

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Program Cost is $2300 and does NOT include room & board for the retreat. The amount listed below is the tuition you pay. Based on your *needs*, please check which you are applying for. Payment plans are available for the amount selected. *
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