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Have you experienced ANY of the following:
Please Read and by clicking submit you acknowledge, understand and agree with the information below.
I understand that CRT Thermography is not a primary diagnostic device as deemed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is not to exclude other methodologies of cancer detection. Its purpose is to add information to the physician or practitioner to aid in the integration of other tests and results in order to achieve treatment outcomes, and not intended as diagnostic of any disease or dysfunction in itself. I agree to not hold the Thermography Report Writing Services responsible for any decision I or my doctor make based on the results obtained. I am ultimately responsible for payment to the Thermography Center and accept that the Center does not bill insurance companies. Payment is due at the time of service. You will be given a receipt for your visit, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. If the insurance company does not pay for the services, The Thermography Center assumes no responsibility for reimbursement.
Please Read and by clicking submit you acknowledge, understand and agree with the information below.
I have requested and do hereby authorize The Thermography Center (“The Center”) or any qualified and certified agents, independent contractors, or trainees of the Computerized Regulation Thermography (Alfa Sight 9000) System to perform adjunctive diagnostic screening test with the Alfa Sight 9000 for the sole purpose of information only. I understand that The Center is not a medical facility and will not be treating me or diagnosing any medical condition. I understand that the test data or readings from this procedure will be classified and categorized by an independent party familiar with the Alfa Sight 9000 and the data will be forwarded to my chosen medical professional for interpretation and medical care intervention. Regulation Thermographyis an adjunctive NOT primary diagnostic tool. I am responsible for following up with medical care with my physician and should not rely on this procedure for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. I further understand The Center operates as a separate business from Dr. Theodore J. Tuinstra.

I certify that I have consulted with a representative of The Center and have read all applicable literature given to me. I have read and fully understand all of the information presented in this Patient Consent and Release form for Diagnostic Screening. I accept the explanation of my responsibility for following up with a medical care professional of my choosing and understand that the diagnostic screening test data will not be mailed to me but directly to my medical professional I designate on my intake forms. I certify that I am eighteen (18) years of age or older, of sound mind, and I am fully capable of executing this Patient Consent and Release form for Diagnostic Screening myself.
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