2021 Uh-To-Yeh-Hut-Tee Lodge Awards Nomination
Award Descriptions:
Listings of recipients of these awards can be found on the lodge website at https://uhtoyehhuttee.org/award-recipients/.

Founder's Award:
Awarded to one youth and one adult in the lodge each year, the Founder's Award is meant to honor Arrowmen for unselfish service above and beyond their normal duties to their lodge. Think of this award as a recognition for the Arrowmen that goes a step beyond what they are required or asked to do.

Black Horn Award:
Presented to two Scouts or Scouters each year, this lodge award is meant to recognize those who have given exceptional cheerful service over an extended period of time. This is not meant to replace the Founder's Award, but to give credit to members who have devoted much of their time to serving the lodge.

James E. West Award:
Every year the lodge donates enough money to the council to receive two James E. West Fellowship Awards. The lodge then has the opportunity to present these awards to two Scouts or Scouters within the lodge. Recipients of this award should exemplify cheerful service and the work the lodge has done over the past year.
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