ICFA 41 "Climate Change and the Anthropocene" (March 18–21, 2020) Volunteer Form
Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Schedules will be distributed via email about a week before the conference.

Your service will earn you 10 IAFA Bucks per hour. Each volunteer will have a page in a log book held at the Registration desk to note hours.

The volunteer positions are as follows:

AV: Help set up, tear down, and/or relocate the presentation equipment. (No tech proficiency required.) Troubleshoot projector/speaker usage during the conference and keep an eye out for developing problems. Help Wednesday morning is especially appreciated. Most work is between sessions and will be compensated by time spent, not total time block.

Registration: Set up, tear down, and/or staff the registration desk, which involves handing out registration packets and using a smartphone app to sell merch. Particularly needed are people to staff reg during the Thursday and Friday luncheons; and to show up Tuesday to help create packets. The busiest times are between panels.

Although we no longer coordinate volunteers with the Book Room, we do provide IAFA Bucks to volunteers who want to set books out at place settings before and after meals. Please report to the Book Room for this task, but be sure to log your time in the Registration-area time book.
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