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At Camp Fire Columbia we believe a welcoming inclusive climate is the ideal place to learn, play, work, and grow. Have you seen or experienced bias or incidents creating a toxic culture? Please tell us!

Be our eyes and ears - Report an incident today!

You can report an incident anonymously or with contact information. Incident reports get submitted into our Human Resources Generalist, Leona Amaneha who reviews each incident and shares findings with our Equity Team for next steps.

We want to make Camp Fire Columbia a more welcoming and inclusive place.

Please tell us about your relationship to Camp Fire Columbia and what you are reporting.
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Bias: Biases are actions (written, verbal, or expressive) based on the actual or perceived background or identity of another that are motivated by prejudice or hate. Bias may not meet the legal definition of discrimination, harassment, or a crime. Incidents of bias contribute to a negative culture and climate.

Toxic Culture: The actions, beliefs, or policies individuals or groups within an organization adhere to that create a hostile, unwelcoming, exclusive, or heavy environment.
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