Digital Device Needs Assessment for Virtual Learning
To prepare for virtual learning in September and to guarantee that every student has access to an electronic device at home, as well as Internet connectivity, we are requesting that you fill out the short survey below in order to assess how many devices we will need to loan to students.

Please complete and submit the form no later than Monday, August 17.
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Question 1: Student's First and Last Name and Grade Level. Please fill out for all children. *
Question 2: School (Check all that apply) *
Question 3: Do you have Internet access at home? *
Question 4: Do you have at least one computer, chromebook, tablet, laptop or other smart device (i.e. smartphone) at home? Check all that apply *
Question 5: Do you have enough devices for your children to engage in virtual instruction that includes logging in for live instruction from home during school hours?
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Question 6: How many children in your family do you anticipate will need to borrow a device for virtual learning at home? *
Question 7: If you do not have enough devices, how do you plan to ensure that your children are prepared for virtual instruction at home?
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