Letter to the 34 Anglican schools demanding the right to discriminate
Dear the 34 Anglican Schools demanding the right to discriminate

We, a body of current and previous students (and parents) from your school and others (2500+ others), are writing to you to let you know we are appalled at your open letter to PM Scott Morrison demanding the right to discriminate against LGBT+ staff. While each and every student may hold a different opinion on a variety of topics, this blatant attempt of silencing LGBT+ people is a step too far.

Being homosexual does not in any way impair a staff member's ability to work. If LGBT staff are to be discriminated against due to their sexuality, they will have live in fear that they will lose their job if they are to be themselves. Living like this is not humane nor in any way acceptable. School is meant to be a place of development, open expression and trust. Without this ability to be open, we think that staff will not be able to work to their highest potential

We also find that this action is against your ethos as Christians. Did Jesus not say "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself"? [Matthew 22, verse 40]. Religiosity should never grounds to discriminate against others. Therefore, we see this move as an attempt to project your own views while hiding behind the guise of your religion.

We call on you to retract your open letter and not judge your staff by their sexual orientation but by the quality of their work.

Yours faithfully,

Max Loomes, St Lukes Grammar School Alumni
Mob: 0406661747
Email: max.loomes@hotmail.com

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