Application/Nomination Form: Rector's Award for Excellent Achievement
Stellenbosch University (SU) continuously pursues excellence and the development of graduate attributes forms an integral part of our teaching and learning environment. As a creator of sustainable hope in Africa, SU aspires to create the kinds of conditions that will enable each student to acquire the attributes of an enquiring mind, an engaged citizen, a dynamic professional and a well-rounded individual.

It is important that appropriate instruments of recognition be used to encourage you to excel during your time on campus and as an SU alumnus. In July 2008, the Rectorate, in collaboration with the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) decided to host an annual prestige event during which recognition would be accorded to students who performed exceptionally in academics, sport, service provision, leadership, culture and social impact. The award(s) received by a recipient is known as the Rector’s Award for Excellent Achievement.

1.1 The applicant/nominee must at least be in his/her third academic year at SU or a recently graduated student who received his/her qualification in December 2017 or March 2018.
1.2. The applicant/nominee must conform to the Higher Education Information Management System (HEMIS) norms at the time of the application.

2.1 Only applications/nominations on this form will be accepted and considered by the Student Achievement Committee.
2.2 Incomplete applications/nominations will not be accepted or considered by the Student Achievement Committee.
2.3 A student may apply or be nominated in more than one category, excluding a category than he/she has previously received an award in.

All applications/nominations must be submitted by 17 August 2018 at 17h00. No late applications will be accepted.

Please direct all enquiries to <>.

Do you, the applicant/nominator, accept the above-mentioned regulations? *
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