Support Area Seniors: Sign the Petition for Senate Resolution 113
Support Senator Tom Cullerton as he stands up for seniors: Sign the Petition for Senate Resolution 113.

Join us in supporting our senior citizens! Stand up against taxing the retirement income of Illinois’ residents.

Add your name to this petition.

Proposed plans to tax senior citizens' retirement income will make it harder for older retirees to pay for basic necessities including food, utility bills and essential medical costs.

A 2016 Nielsen survey conducted of Illinoisans over 50, three-fifths say they would leave the state if such a tax were approved.

Older Illinoisans currently struggle to make ends meet on fixed incomes as Social Security remains the primary source of income for one out of five retired Illinoisans. As seniors try to get by on fixed incomes and ever rising property tax bills, taxing their income will only serve to put them on the street.

We need to stand together! Please pass this petition along to your friends, family and neighbors.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our Villa Park Office at (630) 903-6662 or visit

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