Resident Feedback Spring 2019
Tell us what you think about the City of Warman!
I am a resident of the City of Warman.
I have lived here for:
What do you like most about this community?
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What do you think can be improved?
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Is there a type of development you would like to see in Warman? Is there a type of development you would be opposed to?
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What area(s) would you like the City of Warman to provide more information about?
Please rate the following:
Warman is inclusive and welcoming to all.
The City of Warman responds quickly to requests or concerns.
City staff are easy to reach when needed.
The City of Warman makes customer service a priority.
The City of Warman is an open and transparent government.
City staff provide consistent and reliable information.
Do you use the organics waste depot located on North Railway Street?
Would you be in favour of the City of Warman implementing a mandatory curbside organics program?
Are you a subscriber to the new City of Warman Voyent! Emergency Alert that replaced the Notify Now system?
What does your "wish list" for the City of Warman include?
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Please rate the following:
Garbage & recycling
Park maintenance
Recreational programs
Animal control & bylaw enforcement
Street repair
Snow removal
Communication with residents
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