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Lead & Earn (L&E) Program – Exists to power communities, parents to become aware, prevent trauma, improve economic and social outcomes, by speaking up, sharing skills, investing time, money in children’s early creativity.

Our approach – We invest, train, motivated and inspired entrepreneurs, skilled mentors and volunteers age 18-30 years, as they invest in 8-18 years old youth.

Women on Change (WoC) 501(C)(3) Partners to empower parents, 8-30 years old youth globally to thrive, by investing in their creativity via mentoring and entrepreneurship endeavors.

Program Goal
-Cultivate an understanding of self-awareness to create what drives you
-Foster problem solving early to lead
-Develop science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) Fluency
-Develop and grow entrepreneurial mindset
-Explore untapped creativity to address unique challenges with evolving tools
-Build community resiliency & global leadership

When you choose to become an entrepreneur, it means that you are at least 18, and willing to get trained beyond executing the Lead and Earn program in your community. You are able and willing to invest time and to develop an idea into a business to raise funds and turn it to a global business. You get a chance to participate and win up to $25,000 total prize.

A WoC mentor is at least 18 years old and can committee at least one month of service executing the Lead and Earn Program in your community or with a set of girls, family, partner and have a specific set of skills to assist youth 8-18 advocate for themselves and a chance to win up to $500 investments for their ideas.

As a WoC volunteer is at least 18 years old, and can partner with an inspired entrepreneur to execute the Lead and Earn program to support the youth prepare and win prizes for their project or entrepreneurship ventures. Learn more by download our program: https://womenonchange.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Lead-and-Earn-Your-Creativity-Globally.pdf
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