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Custom art projects start from $7,500 USD.

Hire Ana Luca to create a unique, personalized artwork. Submit this inquiry form, completing all questions necessary for project evaluation. We'll be in touch if there is potential to take on your project.

Ana Luca reserves all copyrights of commissioned artwork. To request commercial usage of commissioned designs, please additionally submit our licensing inquiry form found on our website and click "Submit Art Licensing Request".

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Which medium of artwork do you want delivered? (Note: Traditional Canvas requests will be the most expensive option.) *
FOR CANVAS PRINT // Our custom artwork can be produced eco-consciously, digitally hand-painted and printed in stunning color on special, premium-quality canvas fabric. This canvas is stretched in minutes on a sleek contemporary black metal frame included with your order, for a complete high-end gallery look. You acknowledge that your painting will be made using this progressive artistic process and materials, rather than using traditional paints on canvas, and requires your simple frame assembly after delivery (instructions and parts provided). *
FOR CANVAS PRINT // What size do you want the canvas artwork made? *
FOR PAPER PRINT // We can print your painting on giclée, gallery-quality paper with smooth matte finish. If you prefer an unframed gallery paper print, rather than the framed canvas print option, what size paper print would you like? *
FOR TRADITIONAL CANVAS // What size do you want the canvas artwork made? (Note: Larger sizes will be more expensive.) *
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By when do you need the custom art design completed? (Dates below do not include shipping time.) *
If there is a specific date by which you need the artwork delivered, please specify. (rush charges may apply)
Describe what you'd like created. Include URL link(s) to any visual style references or photos you would like painted, if applicable. (Reference images help the artist visualize what you are looking for and deliver an end result with which you'll be happy.) *
Which of Ana Luca's art styles do you particularly like for this project and why? Referencing specific styles, themes, or colors that you like helps guide the artist's creative direction in the making of your art piece. Browse our style LookBook here: *
What mood do you want to feel in your home, business, or wherever this artwork will be displayed?
What is your budget for this custom painting? (Note: Due to schedule limitations, higher budget projects are prioritized over lower budget projects.) *
A non-refundable 50% client down payment is required before Ana Luca begins work on your art piece. This deposit protects against client cancellation and establishes your investment in outcome. Once the piece is completed to your satisfaction, the remaining 50% of the payment will be required before the artwork is shipped to you. (Payment will be required after we both sign a project contract, officially outlining our agreement and decision to work together.) Do you understand that' you'll be required to make a 50% deposit, if and when you decide to proceed with this commission project? *
Our commissioned artwork is for client's non-commercial purposes. Are you additionally seeking to use / license the custom artwork for commercial purposes? *
How soon after the project start date do you need to receive the first artwork draft to review? (Note: The project start date begins after project contract is signed and your 50% non-refundable downpayment is deposited.) *
What happens next?
We'll review your project proposal and, if we have capacity to take it on, we will be in touch shortly with a customized quote and timeline. If we mutually decide to proceed with this commission project, you will review and sign a commission project agreement which we will provide via email and, after signing, you will pay a 50% down payment prior to work beginning on your artwork.

Your custom artwork will then be hand-painted by Ana Luca. Artwork is safely and conveniently shipped to you.

A Certificate of Authenticity (signed and dated by the artist) is mailed separately to your shipping address provided, within 30 days of artwork shipment. Retain this certificate document for future sale or art appraisal purposes.
If you have questions, please write them here:
We appreciate your time answering this questionnaire to streamline evaluation of your project. We'll be in contact soon if there is potential for us to take on your project. We are looking forward to reviewing your inquiry.
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