Day Services Internal Event Report: Before Reporting
This form's use is restricted to current employees of Mandy's Farm. This form should be used when reporting situations related to illness, behavioral outbursts or unusual incidents, as well as non-reportable events which require communication/ notification within an individual's team (completion of the form itself does NOT notify an individual's team members- please contact them directly in order to communicate unusual situations or concerns).

In cases of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation, an immediate report must be made via telephone (1-800-445-6242).

The following situations need to be reported via General Event Report (GER) in Therap :
-Emergency Room/ Urgent Care/ Emergency Medical Services
-Falls Without Injury
-Injury (including Falls, Choking, Skin Breakdown and Infection)
-Law Enforcement Use
-Medication Errors
-Medication Documentation Errors
-Missing Person/ Elopement
-Out of Home Placement- Medical: Hospitalization, Long-Term Care, Skilled Nursing, or Rehabilitation Facility Admission
-PRN Psychotropic Medication
-Restraint Related to Behavior
-Suicide Attempt or Threat

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