RV Registration
Have a RV ( wheeled home) you're bringing to the Piney Playa? Let us know about it!

Please take your time and consider all aspects of your RV when registering. For best placement results, be as descriptive as possible.

Save the link after submitting your results so you can make edits to your input later.

If you have a question, please reach out to us at ntxb-theme-camp-lead@googlegroups.com!

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Name of vehicle for map placement *
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Size? LxWxH? *
We need the best physical description of your vehicle that you can give. Have to consider clearance from sides and top.
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Weight and/or number of axles. *
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Planned arrival date and time. *
For accurate tetris, this is required. Makes more sense to place large vehicles according to when they arrive. Working smarter, not harder.
Camp Infrastructure *
The City Planning team uses this information to estimate the space allocated to you at the event. Pro tip: You can return to edit the information before registration cut off mid September! Once you've submitted the initial registration, if you next click "edit your responses" and save that URL, you will be able to return! What other structures will be near or with your camp? Examples: shade structures, tents or art.
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Please describe your camp's vital infrastructure: *
Example: [1 large communal tent (20 ft diameter), 1 sound stage (15 x 10), 1 kitchen area (8 x 8 ft), 1 community bar (10 x 5 ft), ...]
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Space for additional guests *
Example: [1 personal tent (10x10), etc...]
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RV contact name (to be referred to at event) *
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Will your camp have generator(s)? How many? What size? *
Please include noise level as well.
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Thank you! We're so excited you're coming to burn with us!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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