#NoBuildingAsUsual student application
This is an expression of interest form for students interested in participating on our #NoBuildingAsUsual Summer 2021 build.

The programme will involve living, sleeping, eating and working on site in Herefordshire for the duration of the 10 week programme (June 14th - August 20th 2021). We know that for many students, this will be a new experience and may be outside your comfort zone. The No Building As Usual team, and our student steering group are here to answer any questions you might have - please email nbau@studiobark.co.uk. As an overview, the arrangements are as follows:

Sleeping- Initially in tents, and later (week 2 onwards) facilities for sleeping, male/ female WCs and showering, and a kitchen area will have been constructed (by you!). We can help with the provision of tents and sleeping kit (roll mats and sleeping bags) if required.  

Food - Food will be provided, with student teams assigned to cook together for the group. Food will be vegetarian and we can cater for different dietary requirements. You are welcome to bring additional food, though we would ask you to consider the environment and limit the amount of plastic and non-recyclable materials you are bringing to the site!

Working - The programme will run for 10 weeks, from Monday to Friday. This time will include supervised live build, a range of workshops and mentoring from experts in the field of environmental design. In order to work safely, everyone must bring compliant hard-toed and mid-soled boots.

Money - We are working hard to find student sponsors so that the cost of the programme is free for student participants. We will ask participants for a deposit (£250 TBC) so that practices sponsoring you have confidence that you intend to complete the programme. On completion your deposit will be refunded. If you're unable to pay the deposit for any reason then let us know.

More information can be found at www.studiobark.co.uk/nbau.

Finally, we are looking for a diverse range of participants so please answer honestly.
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