CarVDB Signature Bounty
CarVDB offers 200 000 CAR Tokens to participants in our Bounty Campaign.
200 000 CAR Token equal $190,000, which will be distributed before and during the CarVDB Crowdsale!
20% of the Bounty Pool will be allocated to this Signature Bounty.


• Participants should have to be at least Jr. Member
• Participants with negative trust rating will not be accepted
• Participants should copy the CarVDB signature in their Bitcointalk profile and should keep it as their signature for at least 1 week (Monday to Sunday) for the bounty to count
• Multiple accounts are not allowed. Spam is not allowed either.
• Participants should make at least 10 good quality posts per week. Only 3 of these posts can be in local boards.
• Participants should make posts in altcoin sections, local board included. Bounties sections are excluded.
• Participants should fill in the form after placing the signature in their profile. Else the registration will not be accepted.

Weekly Rewards:
• Jr. Member: 1.5 points per week
• Member: 2 points per week
• Full Member: 2.5 points per week (+1 point/week for adding an avatar)
• Senior Member: 3 points per week (+1 point/week for adding an avatar)
• Hero Member: 3.5 points per week (+1 point/week for adding an avatar)
• Legendary: 4 points per week (+1 point/week for adding an avatar)

!!!IMPORTANT - Signatures and Avatars are available on our [BOUNTY] BitcoinTalk page below the Bounty Rules

Note: List of participants and point balances will be updated and analyzed on a weekly basis.

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