Loco for Love Festival 2022 Survey
Theater with a Mission (TWAM) presents Music, Dance, & Diversity in Florida History on March 4-6

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What is your zip code? *
How do you describe your identity in terms of race/ethnicity? *
What is your age range? *
Do you belong to any of these identity groups?  Select all that apply. *
Which Festival events have you attended? *
How did you choose the events you attended? What did you think of them?
What did you find most promising about this Festival? What surprised, delighted, or made a connection that you found rewarding?
What did you find in need of improvement? How could Theater with a Mission have made your experience better this year?
What did the Festival teach you about Florida history?
What cultural customs did you learn about during these events?
Will you incorporate any of the customs you learned today into your own life? Like trying to add a meal to your cuisine, or a song to your playlist, or a value to your belief system? If so, what custom?
Did you think about certain characteristics of your own identity during these events?  (e.g., I found myself thinking about my religion and race more than usual or I typically see my identity the same way no matter where I am).
During this festival I got to share experiences with people representing a ______ that is different from mine.
Do you have any other feedback for us? *
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