Southampton Game Fest 2018 Exhibitor Form
This year the Southampton Game Fest will be taking place on October 6. The event will be taking place at the Millenium Third Age Centre in Southampton, with two pubs on the same road as support venues for overflow.
The Third Age Centre consists of four floor and has full disabled access throughout it is also wonderful charity organisation.
We expect around 800 attendees this year.
Important information:
Date: Oct 6
Time: 10:00-18:00
Location: Millenium Third Age Centre SO14 0LH


The third age centre doesn't hold a booze license, so consider that if you like a drink and let us know if you want to be placed in an overflow pub, they'll probably gather the same amount of people as we'll be picking some special things to appear in each.

Details of overflow venues:
Cosplay, Tournament finals and guest talks:

The Hobbit (SO14 0JZ)

The Hobbit has a large stage area and huge outdoor area, perfect for finales and cosplayers.

Retro and Relax:

The Shooting Star (SO14 0JR)
The Shooting Star is a nice little venue that sits between The Hobbit and The Millennium Third Age Centre, it has an arcade machine and will offer retro games.

We won't put you in overflow without asking you, so assume this form is for the main hall.
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Hall Preference
Tables required (£20 per table) if you want things like a side table to hold a laptop but VR space etc please tell us.
Special requirements (Please tell us if you're a shop and need electricity, basically if it isn't a table and you want it, tell us).
Required plug sockets:
Who referred you/where did you hear about us?
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