Week 12 Quiz
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The 4 wire loops shown above have edge lengths of either L, 2L, or 3L. They will move with the same speed into a region of uniform magnetic field B, directed out of the screen. Rank them according to the maximum magnitude of the induced emf, least to greatest *
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A copper hoop is held in a vertical east-west plane in a uniform magnetic field whose field lines run along the north-south direction. The largest induced emf is produced when the hoop is *
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The diagram above shows an inductor that is part of a circuit. The direction of the emf induced in the inductor is indicated. Which of the following is possible? *
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An 8.0 mH inductor and a 2.0 Ohm resistor are wired in series to an ideal battery. A switch in the circuit is closed at time 0, at which time the current is zero. The current reaches half its final value at time: *
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