Bacc Mass Theme Brainstorm (Survey 1)
Hi Vipers,

Campus Ministry is beginning to plan for your Baccalaureate Mass. This mass is to celebrate and bless your class as you graduate. Seniors are part of the planning and leading of the liturgy.

PMLT and Senior CM HR Reps will be meeting on Thursday to brainstorm a theme and potential song for the Senior Blessing.

This the first of two or three surveys. This will collect an initial brainstorm of ideas. The second and more important survey will be for you submit your preference on a theme and leadership opportunities in the mass.

Email address *
What key ideas would you like to pray/give thanks for? Or are qualities you see within the Dragon class identity?
Theme ideas
Do you have any ideas for theme or title for this moment of blessing and prayer?
Song for Blessing
During the mass, there is a blessing over the senior class. This blessing often incorporates a song that is sung and danced by seniors. Do you have a suggestion for this song? Please include the title and composer/ artist.
Thank you! We appreciate your input.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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