Pupil Views of Mathematics - St. Cuthbert's
I enjoy maths lessons. *
Mathematics is very important and will allow me to get on in life when I leave school. *
I understand what I am learning in most of my lessons. *
I feel that I learn things in my maths lessons. *
We do different activities in maths lessons. *
My behaviour is generally good in my maths lesson. *
Inappropriate behaviour is dealt with in my maths lessons. *
My maths teacher explains things clearly in lessons. *
I know what I need to improve on in maths. *
I complete regular homework in maths. *
I know what my target is in maths. *
I feel safe in my maths lessons. *
How hard is maths compared to all your other subjects? *
Much easier
Much Harder
What is your favourite topic in maths? *
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What areas of maths do you find difficult? *
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How can school help you with your maths more? *
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Do you play maths games at home (with family or friends)? *
If you answered yes please tell us about the games you play. *
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