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Please fill out the form below and click submit. Then email up to 10 script pages to Please name your PDF file using this naming convention - "TITLE IN ALL CAPS - Full Writer Name".

We look forward to reading your submission!

Tips for writers -

- Give us your best 10 pages. They don't have to be the first ten pages of your screenplay or pilot, just the ten that you think best show off your writing.

- If your submission spills onto 11 pages, don't worry. Go ahead and submit - we can discuss trims later if your piece is selected.

- Feel free to cut intermediary scenes - or combine scenes from a particular storyline - in order to create a 10 page excerpt that has movement and reaches a cool ending. (And be sure to tell us you've done this in the Short Description section below so we're not confused when we read!)

- At this time, we're only accepting submissions from TV and film scripts, which includes pilots, features, short film, and webseries. No stage plays, please. Thank you!

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