Quiz #2
This quiz is open-internet. Use any reading materials, tutorials, etc. to complete the quiz, but please do the work yourself. Do not work on it with anyone else in class.
Step #1: The popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, recently surpassed 100,000 successfully funded projects. Find the Kickstarter Stats page on which the site lists, among other things, the "total dollars pledged to Kickstarter projects," "total backers," "repeat backers" and so on. Paste the link below. *
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Step #2: Create a new Google Sheet, and in the A1 cell, scrape the Kickstarter Stats page you found. using the scraping formula you read about and tested a couple of weeks ago for homework. [Hint: It starts with =IMPORTHTML] You should end up with a sheet with 17 rows and 8 columns. Paste the link to the sheet below. (To get a shareable link, click the blue "Share" button in the top right corner of the sheet and then click "Get shareable link" in the top right corner of the pop-up window.) *
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Which category has the highest success rate? *
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Steps #3-5
Step #3: Because the data in the sheet is being automatically scraped from the Kickstarter Stats page, you need to copy the contents of the data and then paste just the value of the data (and not the formula). To do this, "select all" in the sheet and then "paste values only" by clicking the Edit menu, then "paste special" and then "paste values only." Now you've gotten rid of the scraping formula and have just the data. [To make sure you've done this, click into cell A1. If you don't see the formula, you're good to go.]

Step #4: Now you need to clean up the data just a little. First, delete the "See categories" in cell A18. Then, because you're going to evaluate individual categories, you need to get rid of the second row -- "All" -- which is the aggregate data for all the categories. Finally, you need to freeze row 1, which has the column labels in it. (If you need help with any of these steps, try googling "how to delete a row in Google Sheets" or "how to freeze a row in Google Sheets" and so on.

Step #5: Name the sheet "[your first name] - Kickstarter data"

Steps #6-7
Step #6: Create a Google Fusion Table by going back out to Google Drive, clicking the red "New" button and then scrolling down to more. Click "Google Fusion Tables." You will be redirected to an "Import new table" pop-up. Choose the "Google Spreadsheets" option in the left sidebar, then select the Google spreadsheet you just created with the Kickstarter data.

Step #7: Import the data from the spreadsheet by clicking going through the next two screens. (Note: Your column headers should be in row 1 in bold.) Once you click finish, your new Fusion Table will be populated with the data from your Google sheet.

Step #8: Share your Fusion Table with me by making it available to anyone with the link. To do this, click "Share" in the top-right corner and then change the Private setting so that link sharing is on ("Anyone with the link"). Then copy the link to share and paste it below. *
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Step #9-10
Step #9: Make a simple pie chart to visualize the Kickstarter data. To do this, click the red "+" box in the table menu and then select "Add chart." Next, click the pie chart option in the left sidebar.

Step #10: Configure the pie chart. The Category should be "Category," the Value should be "Launched Projects," and the "Sort by" option should be "Launched Projects." Maximum slices should be 16.

Which category accounts for 19% of all successfully launched projects on Kickstarter? *
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What's the total percentage of successfully launched Kickstarter projects that are Publishing and Journalism projects? *
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How many different categories of Kickstarter projects have fewer than 10,000 successful projects? *
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Film & Video, Music and Games together account for what percentage of successfully funded projects? *
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