88 days and counting - review your farm & hostel!
Hey you all!

Thanks for checking us out… we need your input!

In response to all the stories of backpackers' experiences during their 88 days, we’re setting up a not-for-profit TripAdvisor style website, and we want a good solid base of reviews to make the site viable from the outset. The website was the idea of my daughter, Mia Ayliffe-Chung, who died last summer along with the brave Tom Jackson, who died trying to save her life. The website is being established in their memory, and paid for through charitable donations, so it's not-for profit, and all about your needs as you go forward on your adventures.

If you would like to write about more than one place, please feel free to fill in as many of the surveys as you wish, it is not limited to one response per person! I just don't want to add extra sections as it might put people off filling it in... so second time around, just leave out questions that don't apply to you.

Whether you're on a 417 or a 462 visa, we need good and critical reviews, so we can promote decent businesses, warn people about the dodgy operators , and keep you, or at least other travellers, safe from harm.

If you give details about a farm or hostel we will create a listing for it. If you leave comments about that business we might post your review, but we won't post your name. If you've given us your email address we might email you later to check your review or check your bank details if you're one of our chosen winners, but we will NEVER spam you, sell your details on, or release them to anyone. We COMPLETELY appreciate your need for anonymity and discretion on our part.

Rosie & Nick
Tom & Mia's Legacy

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