StartupTech Open Accelerator

Greetings all,

IdeaNite is being revamped...and renamed as “StartupTech”.

New organizers, new ideas, same goal:
<strong>To help you get your technology startup idea off the ground.</strong>

You are invited to StartupTech’s kick-off meeting on:

Feb 12, 2013, 6:30PM at TechColumbus
Agenda: getting to know you and your goals, setting the group’s direction

Our goal is to organize a truly useful support group for incubating new technology startups. True, there are a number of startup groups in Columbus--either formal accelerators or big picture, inspiration groups-- but we think there are important gaps for StartupTech to fill.

<strong>If you agree, register below!<strong>
(Registration just helps us get to know you and to better structure the kick-off meeting.)

<h3>About the Organizers</h3>
<strong>Derek Edwards</strong>
<p>Derek is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology, food, cars, music and outdoor activities. He is CEO/Co-founder of Acclaimd, a new venture that has built a SaaS platform to help companies transform the employee referral program into an efficient talent acquisition machine. Connect with Derek at: </p>

<strong>Tina Burger</strong>
<p>Tina is a serial entrepreneur most known for her role as co-founder/VP Marketing at LibLime-- a SaaS company specializing in library information technology. She is currently a freelance marketing and design professional at Kaniko Creative Group. In addition to being a jack-of-all-trades marketer, Tina is currently teaching herself Django.Connect with Tina at:</p>

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