Visual Art - Mid-Term Survey
This is a survey that will help guide me to teach you better! Please be honest in your responses and write responses to the written questions that help explain and support your ideas for your answer. Thank you for taking the time to provide me with some feedback so I can help teach you better.
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1) What is working for you to learn how to paint in class? Check all that apply. *
2) Has being in art affected you in any way? *
3) Do you feel that you are learning tools that will help clearly express your ideas? *
4) How safe do you feel in the art room to express yourself through art? *
5) Do you feel supported at home or by your peers with your art? *
6) Have you learned something in art class that you will take to your future career? *
7) Explain how art class does or doesn't relate to your future career. *
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8) What else do you want to get out of art class this year? *
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