Ummah Falcons Soccer Academy Registration
Program Start: October, 2017
Program End: December, 2017
Event Address: 2510 St Matthias St, Halifax, NS B3L 0A9
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Code of Conduct - Parents
- Parents will show respect and support for all players and coaching staff
- Parents will respect all decisions made by the coach
- Parents will do their best to help their child fulfill their team commitments
- Parents will encourage their child to play by the rules, in the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship, and to respect the decisions of the coach
- Parents will not coach, give instruction to, or ridicule any player from the sideline, no matter what the situation
- Parents will not force their child to participate in soccer
- Parents should give praise to players, for good performances, hard work and fair play
- Parents will support all efforts to remove all forms of abuse, harassment, disrespect and neglect from our game
- Parents will respect and show appreciation for the volunteers and paid personnel who work on behalf of the sport
- Parents will first approach the coach, face to face, if they have an issue or concern

Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct may result in the following actions:
o Issued a warning from the academy
o Required to meet with academy officials
o Asked to leave the academy

Code of Conduct - Players
- Players acknowledge that the coaching staff are there to help them. Players must accept and respect their decisions.
- Players will maintain self-control and model the highest degree of respect for team-mates and coaches.
- Players will be on time for training and will notify the coach of any absences.
- Players will remember that having fun, improving skills, making friends and giving a complete effort are what's important.
- All communications including using social media towards any team member, coach, parent, or the academy shall be respectful
- Players will not physically or verbally harass, threaten or intimidate any other player, coach or parent and this includes the use of social media

Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct may result in the following actions:
o Be required to apologize to my team-mates ,the other team, referee or coaching staff
o A formal warning from the coach
o Reduced playing time
o Being suspended from the academy
o Asked to leave the Academy

Do you adhere to the code of conducts stated above? *
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