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A hybrid Sundance Film Festival is scheduled from January 18-28, 2024 in Park City, Utah. 

Historically, people usually come for a first half (more parties, harder to see movies) and/or a second half (less expensive, and you know which movies are good). To start with, we usually set a four-night minimum, though may soften as we get closer to the days of festival and if people come in the middle.

Housing is usually claimed on a first 100% paid basis. Depending in your house, we either refund 100% before Thanksgiving 2023 (~60 days out), as many house cancellation policies kick in at 60 days out. 

Please fill out this form if you are interested in being contacted as housing opens up.

To give a rough sense of our costs, for first half rate is about $125-150/person/night for a room with >2 people (e.g. bunkbeds, trundles), and ~$175+/person/night in a room with 2 people (one queen/king bed or two twins, so $350+ for a private room), and $225+/person/night in a room with a queen/bed and a private bathroom (so $450+ for the room). These rates drop if you go past five nights. Rates for lower second half will be lower than first half. 

In addition, there will be additional nightly cost on top of the housing. This includes cleanings, food and cooked meals, car rental, garbage removals (we create a lot and have to get folks to bring away), storage locker in Park City, travel subsidies for people who are helping make everything run, discounts for the people who help cook dinner/breakfasts. WE DO NOT KNOW THE COST UNTIL THE FESTIVAL IS OVER and you will likely get your follow up bill in mid-April once all the cost are calculated. We aim to keep our budget at around $50/head/night in 2024 to cover the costs for running the entire operation and discounts for the various people across the houses who are helping out and cleaning.  

For more on our group, you can see the shoutout to Goodside in The New York Times from Sundance 2022 https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/29/style/sundance-canceled-park-city.html
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Keeping in mind we historically charge an additional $50/per person per night on top of housing for other costs to make this all work, tell us your ideal TOTAL budget for housing ONLY. No tickets, no nightly cost.
This helps us figure out what house to put you in and whether you will need to help with cooking, cleanup general community stuff
Do you have any special skills that could be useful in a group (baking, massage, computer scripting, cooking large meals, barista-ing, tarot card reading)
This helps us find creative ways to give discounts for contributing to the community
Anything else to know about your housing preferences?
Please tell us if you want to be with specific other folks in the same house, or a place where you can cowork privately during the day (because of Zoom), or you care about location above fancy house, or you want to be near the main 1136 Woodside house, or you want to be with other film people.
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I understand that the housing rates on the sheets are just for the room only, and there is a standard additional cost of ~$50/person/night to cover the variable costs (including infrastructure, house cleanings, food, costs of the volunteers) which we DO NOT KNOW until the event is over. 

These can be lowered with prior arrangements with organizers if you are budget constrained. This will be billed in the May/June timeframe. Notes on any thoughts or arrangements can be added below.
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