AUE Studios Survey 2019
AUE last surveyed its membership in 2016. We used this information to gain insight into who are members are, how effective the union is and what our members want us to do in the future. We collect information to make sure we are working towards our equalities policy and to better support our members.

In 2018 AUE is going to make several short surveys of its membership on different topics, including our Equalities survey and this Studios Survey. All information is anonymous; please only answer the questions that you want to - if you prefer not to say, leave that question blank.
Which region do you live in?
What is your Studio Address
Your answer
How long have you been renting your studio?
Your answer
Was there a waiting list for your studio?
If you answered 'Yes', how long did you wait?
Your answer
How far is the studio from your home?
Your answer
Did you make a formal application for your studio?
If you answered 'Yes', what was this like? Were you required to have previous Art experience ? Submit work? List Education/Qualifications?
Your answer
Did you have to prove you could afford the rent?
What rent do you pay per month?
Do you rent alone or do you share space?
Is the rent linked to the size of the space, and if calculated per square metre, what is that rate?
Your answer
Does rent include Wi-Fi?
Does rent include electricity?
Do you think the rent is reasonable?
Who is responsible for running the studios? Are the studios managed by a charity? By the local authority? By an artists' collective? By a private company or individual? By another artist? Or something else? please specify
Your answer
Is the studio properly heated?
Is the studio well lit?
Is there a communal place for people to meet together?
Is there a kitchen?
Is there a place to exhibit work?
If 'Yes', has there been exhibitions since you've been in residence; how many?
Your answer
Do you feel safe with or intimidated by the studio managers/studio landlords ?
Your answer
Have you ever raised a grievance with your manager or landlord and was it dealt with to your satisfaction?
Your answer
Do you feel the building is managed in a way to inspire creativity?
Your answer
Are there any studio initiatives to involve the local community? If yes, what are they and do they work (if not, why?)
Your answer
What would you like to see changed at your studio?
Your answer
Is there anything else you feel we should know in order to lobby government/ local authorities regarding provision for studios for artist?
Your answer
Are you currently a member of Artists' Union England?
If you are willing, please give us your Name and Contact details, and let us know if we can contact you regarding anything you have raised within this survey.
Your answer
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