Chestnut Hill COVID-19 Small Business Support Grant Application
The CHCDC’s COVID-19 Small Business Support Grants seek to provide critical funding support to small businesses in Chestnut Hill whose survival is threatened by the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing that multiple resources are being offered to small business owners during this crisis, but acknowledging that available relief is not always sufficient or rapid enough to meet immediate needs, these grants will work alongside other public and private funding sources to help vulnerable enterprises stay in business and continue to provide employment locally. All businesses located within the Chestnut Hill Business District’s service area will be eligible to apply, and applications will be objectively evaluated according to consistent criteria. Please complete this form to apply for a support grant and submit any support documentation you would like to provide to
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How many people did your business employ before the pandemic, in full-time equivalents (FTE)?
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How many years have you been in business in Chestnut Hill?
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What has been the status of your business’ operations during the pandemic?
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Please indicate how the pandemic has affected your business’ revenues during the 90-day period from March 1 through May 31, 2020, compared to previous years:
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Please indicate which available public and private funding sources you applied to in order to sustain your business, and what the outcomes of those funding requests were:
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Applied but did not receive
Did not apply
Philadelphia COVID-19 Small Business Relief Fund (city grant via PIDC)
Paycheck Protection Program forgiveable loan
Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Grant Advance
LISC Small Business Recovery Grant
PA 30 Day Fund
Kiva Interest-Free Loan
Business Line of Credit or Bank Loan
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What is your business’ reopening status?
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Are you a current member of the Chestnut Hill Business Association?
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Please briefly describe your plan to advance your business and recapture customers during the remainder of the year.
Please describe why your business needs a grant from this fund.
Please describe how you would use the grant proceeds.
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