Small Business survey
If you are a Small business owner, Entrepreneur or solopreneur, even just looking at getting started, or building your image as an authority, this survey is for you. We can tell you who to look for to help you achieve whatever you want to do.
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To run a business well, you have to be a Top Gun, but it is a team effort. Which are you most like? *
No matter how good you are, every business owner could use a mentor at some time. Who of the following would you be most likely to watch a video from? *
People involved in Small Business generally like helping other people, when they have the time of course. Which of the following stands out to you the most at this moment? *
Many business coaches offer you the tools to get a 6 figure INCOME, but PROFIT includes the figures after the decimal point. So, which one of the following has the most power to set the price you can charge in your industry? *
collaborating with people I know, like, and trust, I generally tend to be the one who is: *
Speaking of collaborating, which of the following sounds like "networking" that you would feel most comfortable with? *
WHAT ABOUT ME?!?! OK, forget about others, and your Avatar for a moment, what are YOU like? *
What do you think of the following core skills required for work? *
Don't like doing it at all
Gives me a headache after a while
I just do it, doesn't bother me at all
I like it and would like to do it better
Love it, could do it all day everyday
Planning and organising
Making decisions
Identifying and solving problems
Creating and innovating
Using digital systems and technology
What are 3 to 5 tasks that you have to do the most days to keep your business running?
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How many hours would you spend (on average) each day on the tasks listed above?
What would you do if you didn't have to spend time on these tasks each day?
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